It's not too late. But is it even right? 

Even as curiosity about artificail intelligence is growing in your team, many moments will come where we are overwealmed by the many hurdles to move on, and possibly into a new era.

The complexity seems unsurmountable, the competence gap among the current, well trimmed, staffing seems huge, and you dont have the tech, do you?

An these are only the hurdles you see if you are completely certain that AI will bring value to your company. Factor in that and you might feel lost.

You probably have strong ideas on what can be done with AI and data. How you can leverage it, to produce better outcomes.  Then the hurdles of data, investment risk, annd competencies may feel more like a pain.

To get over these hurdles without loosing yourself or risking yourselv, why not try FactoryMind and see for your selvf.

Such an experiment can with FactoryMind, can be a low cost, potentially high value, learning experience for the whole organisation.  Then postpone important investments until you know and understand the value.