FactoryMind and BLDE to build Industrial AI Center Of Excellence 

FactoryMind AS,  a Norway based global technology start-up, developing an innovative AI platform to help manufacturing industry to build predictive & preventive maintenance algorithms and help to efficiently manage their production planning, factory down time and reduce the quality issues; today announced setting up a Centre of Excellence (COE) with BLDEA’s Dr. P.G. Halakatti College of Engineering & Technology (BLDECET), Karnataka, India.

BLDEACET is imparting state of the art Quality Education to aspiring students of Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration and Computer Applications with emphasis on skill enhancement in their respective programs.

“.. BLDEACET and  FactoryMind will work towards the homogenous transformation of Indian manufacturing industries”

In this regard, FactoryMind and BLDECET have made a deal wich will accelerate the innovation around use of Artificial Intelligence in smart manufacturing through IOT as technology. This will also help towards building the competency among the students while they are working on their real-life project definitions.

This COE, which will be constituted with research scholars, professors, students professionals and will work towards building a matured & collaborative IOT ecosystem in India. One of the prime intention is to innovate, work collaboratively in R&D build joint solutions across manufacturing and pharma domains giving access to market and capture the young minds; by working with real life industry problem statements.

Patent will be filed for each of the innovations that have been developed under the guidance of the CoE. Apart from the academic assistance, the Centre will also aid the College to gain a reputation among the engineering AI and IoT aspirants, especially in research and development projects.

Commenting on this development, Inge Grini, CEO of FactoryMind stated “FactoryMind has strategic ambition towards the Indian market and this R&D association with BLDECET would help us to accelerate our solution building capabilities and help us strengthen our technology footprint in India and we are extremely delighted about this cooperation”.

Santosh Kotnis, CEO of FactoryMind India & APAC mentioned in the statement that “Indian manufacturing sector is going through humongous transformation with implementation of smart manufacturing 4.0 and we believe this collaboration will help us build a stronger R&D capabilities, innovate faster for India market, improve the availability of the IOT competency and work with industry players to create awareness of Industry 4.0.

Dr. Atul Ayare, Principal, BLDEACET, Vijayapur mentioned that “BLDEACET is imparting state of the art quality Education to aspiring students through research and innovation. At present,  Industry 4.0 is transforming the way of manufacturing. BLDEACET in collaboration with global partner FactoryMind will work towards the homogenous transformation of Indian manufacturing industries to transform from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0”

Dr. Pradeep Malaji, Vice-Principal (Academic Research), BLDEACET stated “The digital transformation in manufacturing industries will lead to enhanced value creation. Research and innovation in IoT and AI are the need of the hour for digital transformation. This tie-up with FactoryMind will strengthen our R & D in this emerging area and assist industries in this transformation”