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Bridging the GAP to adopt Industrial AI


AI and smart manufacturing is not one thing and it is not a one size fits all.

It is many initiatives on and around the shop floor and across the supply chain.

And most of all, it is always specialized to your plant, your line and your production. This is complex.


Read on to see how FactoryMind makes it easy.

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The Platform

Invented by Industrial AI specialists – for the engineers in industry.

Your IoT data platform tailored for data integration from all assets and solves your asset data modelling and data harmonization needs. Provides APIs to PLC / Scada connections and handles any data source.

Designed to easily deliver full fledged open source AI & analytics capabilities for valuable decision support directly to all stakeholders or machines, without the usual IT architecture and computer engineering. 

Enables you to start your AI modelling and deliver smart apps effortlessly, fast and securely on an automated and reliable platform. No need to develop custom cloud architecture or learn multiple technologies. Just get right into AI at Scale.

Designed for support and manage on-edge AI devices, networked sensors, in-cloud components and real-time processing of data. All in a robust, for-industry, specialised solution.


Intelligent Maintenance

If only you knew when your machinery was going to fail


of Production Failures can be prevented

Intelligent Maintenance is an application on the FactoryMind AI platform that provides readymade AI models and organizes all your smart data behind an API access – to drive maintenance and service improvements:


  • Pinpoints areas that need maintenance to reduce manufacturing downtime.
  • Detects failing equipment immediately and helps identify action to rectify the issue. 
  • Allows your company to spend for parts and maintenance only when needed to help cut expenses significantly.
  • Equips service engineers with deep diagnostics to help them secure the production, first time around. 
David Volent Lindberg-PhD

CTO- FactoryMind

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