FactoryMind is an AI platform built by industrialists and AI specialists from long experience with advanced analysis in industrial contexts. Here we simplify everything regarding the data platform, analysis tools, AI models and tools to put this into operational use at the plants.

Inge Grini / CEO

With our approach your production capacity can make major leaps into the future  

Understand why this is possible.

AI solutions for industrial plants cannot be bought in a box or in a shop. Instead, creating these solutions is a daunting and complex, yet creative and innovative engineering task. 

That is why most of the world’s 10 million plants have not been able to reap the real benefits of AI.


To achieve the massive benefits in the promise of AI, organizations need to scale AI to all the nooks and crannies of its operation. With FactoryMind, this is no longer daunting and complex.

Our Sectors

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Process Industries

Food and Beverages, Chemicals and
Bio Refinieries


Medical treatments, compounds and medicine production.

The only  way for complex operations to save energy is to know where it can be saved, how, and when.


This is an ideal task for AI and there is no way around customizing it for your plant.


And that is greatly simplified with FactoryMind.