DENOFA AS, to deploy  FactoryMind™  for their Industrial AI efforts

FactoryMind AS,  is pleased to announce a pilot contract with Denofa AS, the premier non-GMO soy processing plant out of Fredrikstad, Norway for its Industrial AI and data platform.


Denofa, part of the international agriculture, commodities and energy group Amaggi,  is a leading importer of sustainable and deforestation-free soy which is further processed into soybean meal, oil and lecithin. The products are delivered primarily to the food and feed industry, and soybean meal is one of the most important protein sources in concentrates. Denofa works at the forefront internationally for sustainable and deforestation-free food, and is a guarantor of non-genetically modified soy.

Continuously innovating for higher efficiency and green production, Denofa has discovered the benefits of artificial intelligence when properly implemented in its operations. With FactoryMind(tm) Denofa aims to enable itself to collect and utilise its vast array of data for the purpose of using AI to improve many specific sub-processes of the plant.


.. Denofa is the perfect customer and partner for FactoryMind.  They are ambitious but at the same time cautiously looking for results from AI, rather than complex IT projects with uncertain outcomes.  FactoryMind’s technology coupled with its specific competencies within industrial process optimisation, is built to specifically deliver on this and we are humbled by the trust vested in our team here“, says Inge Grini, CEO of FactoryMind.